Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blog you very much...

So... I guess my friends and family got a little tired of me sending them word docs of my stories and observations and kindly asked me (several times) to just start a blog so they could read my anecdotes in one place. I fought it.... oh did I fight it... But I'm not sure why. I always said that writing was something I loved so much, that if I felt any sort of obligation to do it, it would ruin it. Just like I told my mom, "You love to knit... but if someone was like 'Knit something! When are you going to knit something new!' it would take away some of the enjoyment." But whatever, I decided to man up and join the party. I don't know what this blog will be. I just gave birth to it, and I don't know how it will grow up (I hope it doesn't get into drugs... and I hope it gets along with the other blogs). But for now, it's my little blogspot to post my musings. The name stems from, well, the greatest city in the world. I'm a Pittsburgh girl, will always be a Pittsburgh girl, and I use terminology like "Jaggers" and "Jimmies" so that where we are. Welcome.


  1. looking forward to reading your thoughts. db.

  2. you pittsburgh people wake up way too early. 7:27 am?