Friday, March 27, 2009

It's been awhile but...

So, this is the reason I never wanted to start a blog... the pressure! When I write, it's like this thing that hatches in my brain. I never know when it's going to start but when it does, it's like I have to write it or it itches at my brain until it's out. So... don't check back at this on a regular basis... it'll be a random posting every few months. Anyway, my older sister and I went on a vacation to Arizona last year. Something we had talked about and never done. We drove to the Grand Canyon, spent some time in Sedona... and this is what I wrote about it tonight:

Once upon a time, two sisters took a trip. Both looking for something… looking for answers that their day to day life couldn’t provide. These sisters joined in a new way. Somehow automatically forgiving each other’s prejudices, differences, opinions… somehow dismissing all that had kept them apart the years before. One day, the older sister left a rock offering at the tour guide’s suggestion. Hoping for that thing that everyone’s heartfelt wishes and prayers could not bestow. For that moment they both prayed to a god. Not the god that we had known…. The god that had created these mountains, this desert, this unabashed magnificence that literally could take your breath away. For a moment all worries, all negative thoughts, all hopelessness was eliminated by these towering rock formations. Out in the desert, beyond civilization. Something so much bigger then us had created this beauty. Something we should pay respect to and ask for intervention with the demons we were fighting. The younger sister cried when they parted ways at the airport when that trip ended. Knowing they would see each other again, but knowing that the bond they shared had changed them forever. Knowing that the lives they would lead would forever be changed by what they had encountered. Knowing that the god we had experienced would forever be at our sides. Knowing that when times got hard… when life got rough… when things changed and we got old... that we’d always be able to think back and remember a time when we stood under the majesty of nature and felt god put his hands on our shoulders and, for a moment, give us hope… that it would all be ok.

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